Monday, 17 June 2013

Yves Rocher Samples review!

Hello everyone!
How are you today? We are excited for today's post: last week we went a bit shopping and we both received 2 Yves Rocher samples, the Sexy pulp mascara and the Sexy pulp gloss volume after our purchases.
They are tubes of 2.5 ml of capacity so they are really tiny, but at the same time the perfect size for testing them out.

As for the mascara, you can see from the picture below that its wand is incredibly thick and you can get different effects:
- if you have long lashes, like Sara's ones, you will end up having extra long and very defined lashes
- if you have short and thick lashes, like Margaret's ones, you will get a volumizing effect.

 Sexy pulp mascara in the colour Black 16.95 €

                     Sara's lashes: Left: WITH mascara, Right NO mascara                    

Margaret's lashes

The lasting power is quite good, at least 10 hours. It does not smudge or anything like that, which is always a plus especially during summer - it's not waterproof though.

The price is not the best on the market but the mascara is totally worth the money for both of us.

As for the gloss, the result is not the one we expected: it's a simple clear gloss with a slight tint of light pink - you can definitely find other beautiful glosses at a much better price. Even if it's supposed to be plumping, it is not. It's not sticky at all.

 Sexy pulp gloss volume in the shade 03 Rose  9.95 €

Sara's lips

It lasts a couple of hours, but then you have to reapply it, as the majority of glosses. The price is too high for what you get: we expected a much more pigmented lip gloss.
So, if you're looking for an everyday lip gloss with not much of a colour, this might be the right choice for you. But if you expect some more tint from a lip gloss, you'll have to search for something else. 

We wanted to share with you our thoughts on these new products. As you can see, we raved about the mascara only. Unfortunately not everything we get is good for us, but maybe it could work for some of you, so keep in mind that this is our opinion, who knows? some girls will find the gloss absolutely glorious!

Tell us if you have already tried them. We really hope you enjoyed our post and found it helpful. 

Sara & Margaret

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