Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Outfit of the day #5 Some flowers!

Hello everyone!
Today I want to show you my outfit, I decided to wear one of my Londoner purchases  yayyyy :)
Let's start!

New Look jersey dress 19.95 £ | Tezenis black cardigan | Calzedonia tights | OVS cotton scarf | Black ankle boots (which I got in a local shop)

It wasn't cold at all today, so I just put a cardigan and a scarf: it was enough to keep me warm :)

What do you think? Did I match the dress well?
Tell me in the comments! I love reading them!



  1. That dress is so cute! I wish I could pull it off with just the tights but I'd be too cold! Haha xx

    1. You're right! but I think it woluld still look good if you just put a leather jacket over the top! xx

  2. Amazing outfit! You look gorgeous :)


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