Sunday, 30 September 2012

Eucerin Aquaporin active Light moisturizer review!

Hello my ladies!
Today's post is all dedicated to beauty and skincare! I finally found the time to review my current favourite day cream: Eucerin Aquaporin active Light moisturizer. The story started a while ago. I was reading a magazine and I saw an advertisement of a new Eucerin moisturizer. I read through all the text and I was impressed. This cream works amazingly thanks to a new formula. The aquaporins are proteins (which are in our cells) which allow water to pass and go through all our cells deeply. This cream contains aquaporins and improve the hydration of the skin.

I can tell you, it really does the job. I got the first tube a few months ago, and I finished it up because I loved it so much! It lasts something like 2 months even if it's just 40 ml. A few weeks ago, I repurchased it and it's really worth the price: 14 euros for 40 ml.

There are 2 versions: one for dry skin, and another one which is much lighter for normal to combination skin.
It looks like a gel and it sinks in sooo quickly! I apply it every morning when I go to school and it works amazingly also as a make up base. It's very light scented and smoothes the skin.

I got this at the chemist's because it's only place where I can find it. I know  that Eucerin sells in many countries: here's the link to their website, you will be able to see all the Aquaporin range.

So, I can't recommend it enough!
I really hope this was helpful, have you ever tried Eucerin products? 
Do you recommend any other product?



  1. I love this, it works so well! xx


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