Tuesday, 25 December 2012

I'm back! + What I got for Christmas!

Hello everyone!
I have to apologize for the lack of posts but I really didn't know how to deal with all the things I had to do. I'm really sorry if this disappointed you all!

Anyway, hopefully I will be more present: I have a lot of things to tell you! MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope you had an amazing time with your family and friends! I've done some last minute Christmas shopping and got some presents!
This morning, I opened my presents! I was really happy because my parents gave me some money in advance so that I could buy the thins I wanted on my own, and well I did!
I decided to get some make up bits! I went to Sephora and (bam!) I took the Benefit They're real mascara! I'm so excited! This is the best mascara I've ever tried so far! It gives everything you expect from a mascara. I will certainly do a proper review all about that.
Then, I got an angled brush to apply gel eyeliner because the bristles of the other one I had fall out. Finally, I went to Lush and I only picked up one thing from their Christmas range: I didn't need anything in particular and didn't want to waste money, so I got the corn based facial cleanser "Let the good times Roll": its smell!!!! (review coming reeeeally soon - I adore it, I think I'll buy another jar :P)


I also did an order from the New Look website a few weeks ago: I got three bits: 2 simple dresses and and a plain black skirt. I'm so excited for that: everything suits me! Yep!

(I have to put these plain website pictures because it's dark here now and I can't have a proper lighting :( )

First pic:  Link
Second pic : Link
Third pic: Link

I really hope you enjoyed my post! I know it could be a bit boring but it's the best I can do today! 
Tell me what YOU got for Christmas!



  1. Hey! amazing blog! last dress is so pretty!



  2. Love this blogpost :)you got some nice stuff!!


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