Wednesday, 1 May 2013

A new start and a big announcement!!

Hi everyone!
So much time has passed without any post. I am really sorry for that, seriously. There are not that many excuses: simply I was not inspired anymore, I've been very busy with school in the last few months and I was always too tired to upload a new post. Though, you all were always on my mind and I was wondering: "Will they be disappointed?". I couldn't know the answer. I would have never thought of being absent from my blog for such a long time.

Things were hard for me, blog-wise, until a friend of mine, Sara, gave to me the inspiration and the right spirit back. She helped me gaining again the confidence and the enthusiasm I had before. I've been thinking about starting again for a while now and I can tell you - now I am determined to start updating my blog as frequently as before. I have so many things I want to talk to you about! (beauty and clothing-wise :) )

                              Picture from Pinterest                               

But before talking about these lovely things, I have a big and exciting announcement!! After all her support, I came up with the idea of a collaboration with Sara. She would be the other author of this blog. She loves the idea and she's really excited about starting this new experience. She's not into beauty and make up as I am, but she ADORES clothing and fashion, she has great taste and always finds the best outfits out there. And she loves music too! She plays the guitar very well and she's always updated with the latest releases. She introduced me to a lot of great rising artists. So, after all these rambling words, I think that she will do a great job here on the blog. We were thinking about sharing it - the blog would deal with more topics and vary more frequently. Different kinds of posts will be enjoyable for more people and we all could share our interests and be more open to new things!

We both are really really really enthusiastic about starting this new path and we would love you to follow us in this adventure!

I really hope you will stay with us, we won't disappoint you!! 
With all our love, 
Margaret and Sara


  1. Hey! Well done for coming back, it's really hard after taking a break for so long! And I really like the look of your blog so I look forward to reading more :)

    Would love if you followed me back, take a look at my blog

  2. Thank you for your support! I appreciate everything you said :) I will definitely check your blog out! love xx


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