Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Let's haul!

Here I am!
In this post I want to show you what I picked up at H&M recently.
Unfortunately, there are only a few items, but I'm really excited about them.

The first thing is this orange handbag in fake leather.

 I think it's so pretty! It's quite big but extremely handy. I wear it basically every single day when I want a casual and colorful look. Obviously when I use this bag i don't wear pink, yellow and green too! :P But this gives a touch of colour, which is ideal both for cold and hot seasons.

   As you can see, you can open and close very easily, thanks to this magnet.

   In the front, there is this beautiful golden detail, which makes it look more "vintage" or "worn": I love that!
And the best thing is that it costs only 19.95 euros! Yep!

The second item is this sleeveless white t-shirt.

 Here it is! It's a cute and girly cotton t-shirt. In the front, there are some orange and purple flowers which I love, while on the back it's completely white.

But I think that the most particular thing is this detail on left shoulder. The material is folded and makes this item look a little bit more casual. It cost 9.95 euros!

And last but not least, a big ring!
 This is my little treasure :P I ADORE it.  If I wear this ring, I don't need any other accessory cause it's big, but not heavy. It's the first time I buy a big ring: I'm not used to it! It's cheap as hell: only 2.95 euros!

 I know, there is a different lighting between these 2 pictures: here in Italy the weather changes much more frequently now!

Anyway, the semiprecious stone is turquoise, not light blue as it seems from the first picture! 
I believe that also Forever21 has a similar ring but unfortunately here in Italy we can purchase online only :(
So that's it for this post!I thought that this could be interesting!
I really hope you enjoyed it and you had fun while reading as much as I did making it :)

Do you usually buy big rings? How do you style them? 
Have you purchased something that you loved recently? :)



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