Thursday, 26 July 2012

Lush face masks!

Hello everyone!
I'm back and today I want to tell you my thoughts about the Lush face masks I've tried :D
Lush is one of my favourite brands, I always rely on its skincare and bodycare when necessary and.. I have a slight obsession with it :P
I have tried out 4 of their face masks and generally I have always found them quite effective.
The ones I want to talk to you about are:
- Catastrophe Cosmetic
- Brazened Honey
 I have combination skin and I've used several times Lush masks.
Let's compare them!

 The name is different because I'm in Italy, but don't worry I checked out  the English website :)

Catastrophe Cosmetic promises smooth and soft skin and should refresh your face: it does everything I've just said. I apply this once a week and after that my skin is really smooth. The mask doesn't cause me redness although I have sensitive skin!
The best thing about Catastrophe Cosmetic is that smells like blueberries and that you can rinse it off very very easily: this never happened with other masks! I even use just one hand and in 2 seconds it disappears. Yes!

When I want a deeper treatment, cleansed and purified skin I use Brazened honey. Oh my... This is absolutely amazing, delicate but effective. The smell is not so good, but it's worth the little pain. It does the job really well. To be honest, the only thing I don't like about it is that it's quite drying for me and since I have oily areas this is not ideal.
Anyway, after every tratment I apply a good moisturizer to balance everything :)

Price: 8.75 euros (5.95 £) (6.95$) A jar (75g) lasts me for 5 treatments. Quite good!

Have you already tried them? What do you think?
Do you want me to do the review about the other 2 masks? Tell me in the comments!



  1. I'm definitely going to try these out. I love Lush products.

    Ava Tallulah
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  2. I love lush so much x I am really starting to get into it x I haven't tried brazened honey yet but I have a sample! X I like the blueberry one x

    1. You definitely should try out The blueberry one :)

  3. I love Lush products I think they are really under rated, will have to give these a try.

    1. I love lush too! I'm a bit obsessed lately xx

  4. Catastrophe Cosmetic sounds yummy with the blueberries! I really want to try some Lush face masks, they seem to be popping up on every blog I read :)

    1. Yes, they seem to be everywhere but they are really good and effective :)

  5. I have never tried any of the Lush face masks. I want to try the catastrophe cosmetic one.



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