Sunday, 26 August 2012

French Pharmacie?!

Hello girls!
I'm so sorry I haven't posted anything this week but I was on holiday: I went to France!
I had such a great time and I saw really beautiful places :)
While I was there, I couldn't waste the chance to stop by the Pharmacie and of course I did a little trip there!
Oh my godness, I couldn't believe my eyes.. Everywhere I looked, there were shelves full of wonderful products: Caudalie, Nuxe, La Roche-Posay, Eucerin, Vichy and... Bioderma! (Shock!) :D

I tried every single product: the Caudalie Divine Oil, the Vinosource SOS serum (:-OOOO) and I was in heaven! I think I spent 2 hours there! Poor dad! Ahah
At the end, since I didn't have enough money to buy all these amazing products, I only got my little treasure!

The Bioderma Créaline H2O Solution micellaire pour peaux sensibles... such a bargain! This is the link to their website :)
I got the big version for 16.99 euros and I have two 500 ml bottles!

I used it immediately that night and I found that it was sooo delicate and light! It took off everything in a minute, even waterproof make up! You can apply it both on your eyes and on your face and it's lovely. You feel refreshed and you don't have to rinse it off with water. 

Obviously, it's an oil-free formula (which is great for oily and combination skin) and has no perfume (ideal for sensitive skin). My skin agrees really well with it :)
This will lat you for ages, you need a really small quantity! Great value :)

I have been using it for 2 weeks it's going strong but I'll keep you updated, I want to know if it's 100% alright :)
Anyway, I want to get some other special products when I'll come to England! Yaaaay! Oh, if you didn't see it, I asked you in this post what I should get in England! Tell me! ;)

Have you already tried this product? 
Are you thinking about getting it?


  1. I'm off to France in 3 weeks and I can't wait to hit up a pharmacie! I've been saving up :) x

    1. Oh, you're so lucky! Prepare yourself to heaven :) Have a wondeful trip! xx

  2. I hope I will go to Paris in september and try this product!:)


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